We are expected to be masters of our money, yet very rarely do we get taught the skills of money management as we are growing up. We pick up all these mixed messages around money, value, and worth, and then we are sent out into the world to sort them out by ourselves, presumably acquiring the skills by osmosis.

Everyone has an opinion on what you “should” be doing in regards to money. How do you know what “shoulds” are right for you? Once you choose, how do you break them down into achievable steps?

Here at Tender Care Money Mentoring,  you are encouraged to dream Big regarding your financial goals and are coached in breaking those goals down into achievable steps.

Cashflow Coaching

Cashflow Coaching, also known as Money Mentoring, or money coaching, gives you the practical skills to trust yourself in money matters by bringing to light the beliefs and attitudes that may be influencing your money behaviors.  You are guided to create a customized spending and earning plan that is specific to your individual needs and wants. This is a process that unfolds over time, helping you to become more aware of your finances and building your financial muscle to:

  • Break your cycle of debt
  • Build 3 tiers of savings: periodic, safety, and long-term investments
  • Know where your money is going and where you want it to go
  • Be prepared for and deal calmly with unexpected expenses

Though money mentoring gives you the tools, the work is ultimately yours. With Tender Care, my money mentoring provides you support and empowerment during your journey towards having a healthy, grounded relationship with your money.

How is a money coach different from a financial adviser or a debt counselor?

A money coach is a sounding board, cheerleader and guide as you create your healthy relationship with money. They are the little known middle ground in financial help. Unlike a financial planner, a money coach does not give financial investment advice, nor do they represent you for any legal purposes.  A credit counselor works with your creditors (usually for a fee) to establish a payment plan. Their goal is to help you get debt paid off, not change the behaviors that got you into debt.. Financial advisors help you manage your investment assets. Their help is limited when it comes to learning to save for those investments.  Many financial advisers appreciate the work you do with a money coach because it better prepares you for their services.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a model for understanding and working with human behavior. This cognitive-based approach asks “How are you creating the experience?” Once a person can answer that question, they can interrupt the pattern and make empowered choices. NLP helps us identify those unconscious beliefs that keep us stuck. Once you are aware of those unconscious beliefs, they are a lot easier to change!

I bring all of my healing tools to an NLP session. Whatever comes up is treated with respect for its intention, and without judgement of the circumstances. This allows easier movement into how you want it to be.