The Secret to a Fun and Successful Financial Plan!

Fine tune your plan

You want to be a good steward of your money. You have some idea of your needs and wants, and how to balance them with your income. You sit down filled with motivation and intention to create a successful financial plan.


Yet despite your best intentions, the budget you create almost always gets blown. Having it written down ends up as evidence of failure. Where is the fun and success in that? I get it. I can assure you, there is a way to get past your struggle.

The problem is that following a financial plan isn’t a set it and forget it activity.

When the money picture isn’t rosy there are a lot of fears that come up when you look at it. Because of those fears, creating a budget once a month can be a monumental task. Creating an annual budget just multiplies the angst! Looking at it only once per month, or once a year, makes it a static, boring, unrealistic math problem. Yuck!

The secret to a fun and successful financial plan is continually adjusting it!

Life is fluid, full of surprises and changes. When you continually adjust your budget so that it works with whatever life throws at it, it becomes fluid, too. It becomes a plan, and more accurately assists you in being the choreographer of your life.

What does adjusting your plan look like?

First, start with a plan that works. In my coaching practice I use MoneyMinderOnline, but there are many resources on how to create one. To make sure it works, make sure you end up with a buffer of funds to start the next month.  Then, instead of looking at it once a month, track your spending and look at the tally in each category at least once a week. Each time you look at it you have more information than when you started. You might learn you can expect bonus income this month. Or you might realize you forgot about a dental bill due. You can see if the amounts you allocated are still on track or not. If not, how can you adjust the amounts remaining in your plan so that the overall plan still works.

OK, I get how to adjust my plan. When does it feel fun and successful?

When you get into the groove of continually adjusting your plan according to all current information you will notice at least these 5 things:

  • You can trust that it works and is working. That usually insures better sleep at night.
  • You become aware of what’s working or not working in your thought processes and behaviors and can make changes that support your goals.
  • You attract more of what you want because you activate those thoughts/desires every time you look at the plan.
  • You can play games with yourself, set challenges and rewards for meeting them, and have it all anticipated in your plan.
  • You can actually see your progress! The slow and steady approach is encouraged when the progress can be tracked over time.

Still need more encouragement and support?

 I get it. Looking at our numbers brings up a lot of stuff we would rather not deal with. “I need to make more money”, “I spend so much on ____ and I can’t stop myself”, “I’m just treading water and I want progress!” are thoughts that might come up. That’s when working with a money coach, like me, can help.  Let’s talk one on one to see how.  Click here to schedule a free phone call.

Heather Reid

I like creativity, random inspiration, and sparkle. I love money as an energetic power tool for Freedom, Peace, and Possibilities. I don't like to rehash information you can find everywhere on the web unless I can offer a fresh perspective. I do like to observe the humor in the challenging situations our brains create for our benefit. I believe in awareness before change and change is good, dollars are better! Send me a note

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