How Much Time is Your Money Worth?

Get Focused on Money!

What if I Told You...

  • You could reduce your time worrying about money and use that time for more enjoyable activities?
  • You could increase your skill in using money to create a life you love? 
  • You could manage your money with confidence instead of reacting with fear?
  • You could teach your children how to take care of themselves when it comes to money like you teach them other life skills?
  • You could turn the time managing your money into the time planning an adventure?


How much time would you spend on your Money?

Most people spend 2-3 hours a month of focused time on money, usually when it is time to pay bills, according to Brian Tracy, author of Psychology of Achievement.  That doesn't include worrying! Now, take a moment to listen to the voices in your head as you contemplate increasing the time you spend...  What are they saying? Notice how they voice their objections. Does shame come up?  Are there any you weren't aware of? Now thank the voices for their concern and turn down the volume.  

What's to think about?

The basics of money management are: knowing where your money is coming from and going to, and creating a workable monthly and annual plan to support achieving your financial goals. That’s it. Without these basics, you have no idea of where you are at financially or how to get to where you want to go. With them, you have that information and you are reminded regularly why you want those goals. The more you allow for focused time on money, the more you are reminded of your goals and the more likely you are to achieve them.  If you only did the basics 1-2 hours a week, you would be ahead of most people and you would start experiencing your valued results listed above.

What happens when you spend more time on your money?

Once you experience the benefits of a regular money practice, your world starts to expand. You naturally want to spend more focused time on money because you want to increase those benefits.  You start to question why you are doing some things and not others. You start to get excited and hungry for more information on the best practices for nurturing what you have and watching it grow.  You start to notice extra, available, free time because you don’t have to work so hard to pay the bills. As you gather information and try out various strategies your confidence and awareness of your possibilities increases.  You begin to trust that your future can happen because you are honoring who you are now. You notice how good it feels now and how your vision for your future and your family’s future expands.

What objections came up for you after reading this article. Share them below.

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