Three Kinds of Money Dates That Benefit Every Woman

Schedule a Money Date Just for You

When you want to get to know someone you put some thought into how you want to spend your time with them. When you want to learn about and understand your money here are three kinds of money dates to help you do that. Read further to learn about The Money Date to Plan, Track, and Adjust, The Money Date for Guidance, and The Money Date for Education, Inspiration and Fun!

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Are You Ready to Say No to Yourself?

How can you say no

I wasn't ready to say No before. I had been too long in deprivation and denial. I felt like I earned and deserved all the treats I could now afford, Gosh Darnnit! I needed to take care of my inner child. I needed to let her know how much I loved her, and, good or bad, I was taught to show love by buying presents. 

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How Much Time is Your Money Worth?

Get Focused on Money!

What if I Told You...

  • You could reduce your time worrying about money and use that time for more enjoyable activities?
  • You could increase your skill in using money to create a life you love? 
  • You could manage your money with confidence instead of reacting with fear?
  • You could teach your children how to take care of themselves when it comes to money like you teach them other life skills?
  • You could turn the time managing your money into the time planning an adventure?
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