Beat the Money Doldrums with These 3 Wise Women

Money Doldrums

I don’t know about you, but I have those moments when I feel I am in the money doldrums, stuck, holding my own but not making the progress I want to make, no wind in my sails. Let me share with you the women I turn to for support to lift me up.


The money doldrums – those times when you have enough money to cover your expenses but not enough to get you excited about your future financial freedom. The doldrums could last weeks or months. In that time, you could spiral down into anxiety imagining the what ifs. Or, what I try to do, is practice patience with what is and look for support to keep you buoyed up and your mental mindset strong. 

When I look for help finding a way out of the money doldrums I turn first to these three wise women, Carol Tuttle, Denise Duffield-Thomas, and Karen McCall. They give me comfort that I am surviving and that my goals are directed toward thriving. They help me look at and laugh at what is, diffusing my fears. They each in their own way give me practical steps I can use to fill my sails and move forward. I encourage you to check them out!

While I have trained with Karen, I am not an affiliate of any of these women and receive no financial compensation from them. I just love the message they are sharing with the world and want to support them.

Carol Tuttle and Dressing Your Truth

Carol Tuttle

Carol is an Energy Healer. For over 20 years, Carol has supported thousands of people in living their truth through her many books, courses, workshops, and media appearances. She is the creator of the Dressing Your Truth® beauty makeover system and the Energy Profiling® system, and is the bestselling author of several books, including Remembering Wholeness, It’s Just My Nature, and The Child Whisperer. I have learned more about understanding, accepting, and loving myself by following her wisdom than through any therapy. When I notice a pattern of thinking I want to address, I turn to her videos on tapping and clearing negative energies. My mood and outlook immediately feel better! Find her at

Denise Duffield Thomas, Lucky Bitch

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

Denise is all about creating an abundant money mindset. Her podcasts are informative, inspiring and still down to earth. Her clients are women with online businesses, but her advice speaks to everyone with a money block. Lucky Bitch says it all. Denise is an award-winning speaker, author and entrepreneur who helps women transform their Economy-Class money mindset into a First-Class life. Find her at

Karen McCall and the Financial Recovery Institute

Karen McCall

Karen McCall, founder of the Financial Recovery® Institute, has revolutionized the financial counseling industry with her highly acclaimed Financial Recovery process -- a compassionate, comprehensive system that liberates people from the core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that keep them stuck in a self-defeating relationship with money.  Karen has trained me in her financial recovery process which I share with my clients. Every time I get stalled with my money practice I return to her book. I use it as a check list to find the weaknesses in my practice and I follow her very practical advice to address and heal them. Find her at

Your Turn to Move Out of the Money Doldrums

A money practice is an on-going practice of awareness, choice and action. If your practice is in the money doldrums and you want some one on one coaching to lift you out, schedule your free consultation with me here. I bring the wisdom I have learned from these leaders plus my own insights, intuition and skills to bring you and your money into alignment with your goals for life.

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