Heather Reid is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified Financial Recovery Counselor and Reiki Master. Based in the Fremont area of Seattle, she also has clients all across the USA. Heather offers awareness, choice and sustained change to women ready to take back their power over money and become masterful stewards in using that money to live the life they value!


I love my work!

I love that moment, which can happen at any point in the process, when my client’s face lights up with, “Yes! I get this!” and she recognizes in herself the smart, shining soul that I see in her. That is the ultimate awareness for which I strive.

I believe whatever pain we are experiencing around money, (stress, anxiety, problems with relationships) is ultimately not about money. Money pain is a symptom, not the source. In the Money Practice I develop with my clients, we use the tools of money management as important indicators of what is going on at a deeper level.

 I believe, and my practice revolves around this, that our situation with money and our experience with life is based on our beliefs and behaviors. Some people call this Mindset. Change your beliefs and behaviors and you change your life. These beliefs and behaviors, good or bad, were put in place by the time we were 5 years old. At that time in our body’s development, the only part of our brain that was fully online and functional was the part that is in control of survival. In order to make lasting change in our behaviors, we need to understand the specific, positive intention that set them up in the first place. Then we can make sure the positive intention stays safe while we update the methods (behaviors) used to do so.

When I ask questions about the past, it is to shine a light on how they are affecting the present and the future. I ask, with respect and without judgement, for the purpose of understanding the structure of what you were experiencing to see if it matches the structure of what you are experiencing now. Once we have a match, we can alter the structure to create lasting change.

Are you ready for some positive changes in your money practice?

I offer a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation.  I answer any questions you have and get a sense of what your situation so we can plan our next steps.  Schedule here to set up a good time to talk.


"Just a quick check in. I am leaving for vacation tomorrow with friends and family in one big house. I saved for this trip!!! I am also $190 away from my goal of $5000 a month (pretax, but whatever!!!!!). Have mined my client base and found two business planners WHO WANNA HELP ME SCALE UP. Thank you for your guidance. I would not be here without you. "

  /Small Business Owner

"Thank you for your guidance along this path of untangling myself, and getting into an independent state of being. I am so grateful to you for your patience in this process."

  /RE investor